School Story: Morris County School of Technology

School change manifests in different ways for different communities. See how one school began their work and used the Challenge Success change process to take action and improve student well-being, belonging, and engagement. Keep reading to find out more about how Morris County School of Technology made changes in the School Program.

Morris County School of Technology joined the School Program primarily because of student stress and perfectionism. A focus on achievement and getting into the “right” college were pervasive. Their goal was to change the school atmosphere from competitive to collaborative to benefit student well-being.

Surveyed students, caregivers/parents, and faculty
revealing some disconnects in student vs. adult perceptions of stress and homework. 

Hosted Well-Balanced Student workshops
as a result of their survey work. They hosted one for caregivers and one for students to share their data from the surveys and open important discussions about homework, stress, sleep, engagement, and more.

Asked students for input
at the close of the workshop. Student responses inspired and informed their Challenge Success team’s next steps.

Attended Challenge Success Conferences
for inspiration and planning

Planned a pilot after the conference
The team was excited about an idea they heard from another school, called W.E.D. Day – a Wellness and Enrichment Day every other Wednesday – that included academic supports, advisory, and agency/choice time for catching up on classroom and homework. They planned a pilot to test out their idea and then make adjustments based on student and faculty feedback.

Shared survey data with faculty
during back to school week, released the W.E.D. Day idea and sought input

Gathered faculty input
for what school changes faculty would like to see

Launched W.E.D. Day Pilot
did more stakeholder data gathering and made two rounds of adjustments as part of the School Program. Thus far, they’ve been impressed with the widespread support from students, faculty, and parents!

Hosted the College Workshop in December
to begin to reframe views around college admissions

They are planning to continue adjusting W.E.D. Day to ensure it serves their needs and have already scheduled a student fishbowl in April to inform their next moves. Placing student voices at the center of the change process and using data to make informed decisions has driven their efforts. We are so excited to see their progress!

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