In a high-stakes, high-pressure culture, parent and school expectations may have unintentional but damaging effects on students. Increasing demands on students may lead to unhealthy stress, resulting in burnout, disengagement, or debilitating physical and mental health symptoms. This workshop examines the tension that parents, students, and teachers often experience over issues such as homework, grades, and the culture of competition, and offers tools for creating a healthier school climate. This presentation is available for educators and parents.


Educators, Parents

Grade Level

Can be tailored to
Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, or
High School


In-Person Live* – $2500
Virtual Live – $1700
Pre-recorded Video – $1000

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how you can establish healthier home and school environments for school-aged children.
  2. Explore how to reduce academic stress and disengagement without sacrificing achievement. 
  3. Examine how to increase students’ resilience, creativity, competence, and well-being.

“This workshop was transformative, and, while not “one size fits all,” the tenets and principles are applicable to the mission of every school. Thanks for all you have done to make my children’s schools better but more importantly thanks for what you have done to make me a better father and husband! I could have listened to you all day.”


*Plus additional T&E expenses.
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