Join us as we discuss research-based strategies for raising healthy preschoolers and early elementary-age children. We’ll explore how to encourage autonomy, cultivate resilience, and promote well-being. We’ll share tips to establish practices in our families and schools that buffer against negative pressures that may interfere with healthy child development. Perfect for Educators and Parents/Caregivers of preschool-2nd grade children.


Parents & Educators

Grade Level

Pre-School, Elementary

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the impact of various parenting styles on the development of preschool and elementary-aged children.
  2. Discuss research-based practices to improve home routines around playtime, self-care, and sleep.
  3. Learn how to cultivate more autonomy and promote well-being in your young child.

“This was wonderful! The information was so important to hear and we wish our schools would do more to alleviate the pressures on our children and put forth more effort to help in the balancing of our community.”


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