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Empower key stakeholders in your community with research and tools that can transform your students’ experience at school and beyond.



Challenge Success workshops provide valuable education for your whole community

Our interactive workshops are designed for educators and families interested in learning practical, research-based strategies to broaden your community’s definition of success and improve student well-being and engagement with learning. 

Our professional development and parent education workshops are typically hosted by a school or community organization. They are 60-90 minutes long and our team can facilitate the workshops in-person, virtually, or through a pre-recorded video.  


Want to host a workshop at your school? Browse our workshops below or get in touch with our team.

Challenge Success strives to offer need-based financial assistance in an effort to support schools and organizations with limited resources. We believe that cost should not be a deterrent to accessing quality programs. To apply, please complete this form. All requests will be reviewed by our Executive Director.




A Healthier Approach to College Admissions

Learn what really matters in college admissions and explore strategies to help reduce unnecessary pressure.

AI in Education

Research on AI and student use as well as concrete classroom strategies and a primer on creating school policies around AI use.

Building Blocks for Belonging

Explore concrete classroom strategies and school-wide policies that foster belonging and connection.

Faculty & Staff Well-Being

Identify opportunities and strategies for individuals and schools to improve faculty and staff well-being.

Making Homework Work

Discuss the latest research on homework and best practices in creating effective homework assignments.

Rethinking Assessment

Learn about assessment strategies that encourage more authentic learning experiences for students.

Student Fishbowl

“Listen in” as a small group of students share their experiences on a particular topic – academic stress, assessment, connection to teachers, and more.

Teaching for Engagement

Explore a “backwards design” model to help plan engaging units and effective assessment techniques.

The Well-Balanced Child

Discuss research-based strategies for raising healthy preschoolers.

The Well-Balanced Student

Our signature workshop offers schools and families tools and strategies to create a healthier student experience.

Toolkit for Rethinking Assessment

Boost your teacher toolkit with practical strategies to integrate assessment into the learning process.

Toolkit for Teaching for Engagement

Interact with an array of pedagogical tools designed to engage students in deep, meaningful learning.

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Interested in hosting a workshop at your school?
We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our team to learn more about our workshops and how to get started.


“Wow! This workshop was a HUGE success! I have heard positive feedback from faculty and rave reviews from our families. Your time, passion, excitement, and support in helping us design these meaningful events for our community is valued and appreciated. I am truly looking forward to our continued collaboration and partnership.”


“You far exceeded my expectations. The way you are helping society see the problems facing our children and families is enlightening and enriching. We need to get away from being over-programmed, and I loved what you said about how resilience, tolerance, and ability to deal with change are vital to our happiness.”