We know that students learn better and retain more information when they are genuinely engaged in classroom lessons. This workshop uses a “backwards design” model to help teachers plan engaging units and effective assessment techniques that bring learning to life for students.



Grade Level

Elementary, Middle School, High School

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine the recent research behind student engagement.
  2. Explore ways to rethink your curricula to foster deeper learning and increase student joy and motivation to learn.
  3. Strengthen your grasp of enduring understanding outcomes and how to align them with assessments.

“This workshop helped me to rethink rigor vs load. I am a fan of the in-class homework audit, new assessment practices, and making sure faculty switches gears about every 20 minutes in a class so students who are starting to lose focus can regain focus and engagement. It was really important to emphasize relevance to students as to why what they are learning is important.”


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