Well-being is a practice, much like teaching, that requires individuals and communities to continually prioritize and recommit. In this workshop, we draw from current research and data from our Faculty & Staff Survey to identify opportunities and strategies for individuals and the school to improve faculty and staff well-being.



Grade Level

Can be tailored to
Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, or
High School


In-Person Live* – $2500
Virtual Live – $1700

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the concept of stress, the body’s response to it, and what the research says about stress management and ways to promote a healthier workplace.
  2. Identify triggers and root causes of your own stress
  3. Explore practical strategies to improve your own well-being, as well as that of faculty and staff.

“The opportunity to meet with colleagues to share feelings and reactions to the material presented was hugely beneficial. I learned how valuable it is for us to adapt to the current situation and try to be positive for ourselves, our students, and our school community.”


*Plus additional T&E expenses.
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