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Learn how we partner with families to transform the student experience by promoting well-being and engagement with learning.


Our kids are overloaded and out of balance

Many students are overwhelmed by the constant pressure to perform in and out of school. Instead of figuring out who they are and what they care about, students (and parents) are often consumed by grades, test scores, college admissions, and future careers.

“The effect of society’s high expectations and pressures on my generation is scary. Kids are depressed, anxious, and sleep deprived. Even kids with the best grades experience this kind of unhealthy behavior.”


Are you worried about your child’s well-being but don’t know how to help without worrying they will fall behind academically?

Parents strive to raise kids who are happy, fulfilled, and engaged. 

And yet, they often feel pressure to prioritize external achievements like high GPAs, degrees from prestigious colleges, and an impressive list of extracurriculars. 

They want to live their own family’s values but don’t know how to challenge community norms and pressures without feeling that their child will fall behind. 


There is a better way

It’s time to expand what it means for students to be successful at school and beyond. We provide tools and strategies to help families raise kids who will be balanced, resilient, and motivated contributors to the world around them.

“Challenge Success has helped our community come to understand that student well-being must take priority over test scores and performance. If you are not mentally healthy, then nothing else really matters.”


Explore our most popular strategies, tools, research, and more.

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Playtime, Downtime, Family time

Learn why daily “PDF” is essential for healthy development in kids of all ages.

A Different Kind of College Prep

Explore 4 skill areas that parents can help kids develop to be successful in college and beyond.

Time Wheel Activity

Reflect on how your children are spending their time and if they’re getting enough “PDF” and sleep.

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