Challenge Success School Program

Partner with our team to tackle the unique challenges at your school while creating a more balanced and engaging student experience.


A collaborative experience focused on meaningful reforms

The Challenge Success School Program is a year-long, collaborative partnership where schools leverage our SPACE framework to make meaningful reforms in areas such as school climate, student schedules, curricular design, homework and assessment practices, and community education.

The program is a good fit for middle and high schools that are ready to dive into the important and challenging process of school change, but need expert guidance, support, and tools to tackle their unique challenges and accomplish their goals.

After completing the first year of the program, many schools opt to join as a Returning School to continue their education and further their commitment to meaningful and lasting school change. 

The program follows a school year calendar running from August – June.

The 2021-22 New School Program is full for the coming year. If you are interested in learning more about other resources to support your school, please reach out to For Returning Teams, we are still accepting Conference-Only schools. Complete the application below to register.


Schools commit to a year-long partnership

We do not come with a predetermined list of best practices that we instruct schools to implement. Instead, we believe that effective and sustainable school change efforts must emerge from within a community, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our work with schools, however, tends to follow a similar trajectory during the first year in the School Program:

Engage multi-stakeholder teams comprised of 8-10 administrators, teachers, parents, and students to spearhead the change process and garner buy-in.

Deepen your understanding of the student experience through surveys and other “Listening In” protocols that elicit student voice.

Anchor your work around a problem statement that describes challenges you aim to address.

Pilot research-based tools and strategies and network with peer schools to address your chosen challenges.


Many schools have accessed state, local, and community funding to support this work. Learn more about potential sources of funding here. Challenge Success offers limited financial assistance based on need.


What types of changes have schools made?

Our partner schools have translated their learnings from the program into a variety of school change strategies to improve student well-being and increase engagement with learning.

A few examples include: 

  • Designed a new bell schedule
  • Revamped an advisory program to support student belonging and connection
  • Revised homework policies to ensure purpose and volume of homework is appropriate
  • Implemented mastery-based assessment practices
  • Created test and project calendars to reduce overlapping major assignments
  • Dropped class rank and reimagined award ceremonies
  • Changed conversations about college to focus on the “right fit”

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Challenge Success has been part of our district for five years and has stretched our thinking in terms of how we support the social-emotional well-being of students. We have made strides in looking at the quantity and quality of homework, the scheduling of extra-curricular activities, adding free time and downtime to the school day, and worked to educate students, teachers, and parents on how to develop a balanced lifestyle for our overloaded kids.” 


“I can honestly say that our involvement with Challenge Success exceeded our expectations. Meeting, dialoguing and connecting with like-schools, the student survey and working with our coach has been the extra support we needed to begin the process of creating a healthier climate for our students, teachers, and parents.”


“The Challenge Success program acted as a breath of fresh air within our extremely narrowly-focused school environment. The program helped to build in P.D.F. (Playtime, Downtime, and Family time) that every student needs in order to find the necessary balance in their day.”


Interested in joining the Challenge Success School Program?
We’d love to hear from you! Tell us more about your school, the challenges you’re facing, and the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

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