Funding Sources for Schools

Here are some of the external funding sources that schools have used to bring Challenge Success workshops and programs to their communities.

Government Funding Sources




CS Program

To improve the academic achievement of disadvantaged children. Funds are allocated through local educational agency grants

Public and private schools with 40% or more low-income students

Targeted assistance programs for disadvantaged children for schools with less than 40% low-income students

Workshops, School Partnership

To prepare, train, and recruit high-quality teachers, principals, or other school leaders

All public and private schools

Workshops, School Partnership, Leadership Seminar

To support 21st-century schools by providing all students with access to a well-rounded education, improving school conditions for student learning

All public and private schools

These funds can support:
*College and career guidance counseling
*School counseling
*Mental health services
*Promoting parental involvement
*Establishing learning environments essential for academic success

School Surveys, Workshops, School Partnership

CARES Act, Education Provision and other COVID relief funding

$54B for PreK-12 schools through ESSA to address learning loss, improve school facilities and infrastructure to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus, and purchase education technology. 

$4.1 billion for K-12 schools through the Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund to use for education-related pandemic assistance. $2.75 billion would be set aside for private schools.

See more details about COVID relief funding here.

All public and private schools

States must distribute at least 90% of funds to local education agencies based on their proportional share of ESEA Title I-A funds.

School Surveys, Workshops, School Partnership

Other Common Funding Sources

Here are other sources that schools have used to fund their work with Challenge Success. Contact us for more information.

  • PTO/PTA funding
  • Local education foundation
  • County government discretionary funds
  • Local grant agencies
  • Private foundations
  • Mental health funds
  • School enhancement dollars