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The constant pressure to achieve is harming our students

Too many students believe that “success” is defined solely by grades, test scores, or admission to the “right” college, but at what cost? Our research with over 200,000 middle and high school students nationwide suggests that kids are struggling.

  • 95% are sleep deprived
  • 77% experience stress-related health symptoms
  • 63% are constantly worried about academics
  • 62% say workload is a major source of stress
  • 47% are disengaged or simply “doing school” 

“People don’t go to school to learn. They go to get good grades, which brings them to college, which brings them the high paying job, which brings them to happiness, or so they think.”


Do you want a healthier, more engaging school community but don’t know where to start or how to get buy-in from key stakeholders?

You’re not alone. Hundreds of our partner schools have faced similar challenges, but their results and success stories prove that with the right strategies and support, change is possible.

School isn’t a transactional relationship. It’s a transformative relationship.


Partner with Challenge Success

It’s time to broaden what it means for students to be successful at school and beyond. Learn how we can help your school provide an enriching, rigorous academic experience, without sacrificing student well-being.

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“I can honestly say that our involvement with Challenge Success exceeded our expectations. Meeting, dialoguing and connecting with like-schools, the student survey, and working with our coach has been the extra support we needed to begin the process of creating a healthier climate for our students, teachers, and parents.”


Explore our most popular strategies, tools, research, and more

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SPACE Framework for School Change

Strategies you can implement to create meaningful change at your school.

Homework White Paper

Quality vs quantity: Which is more important when it comes to homework? 

Time Management Worksheet

Help your students allocate their time for a healthier work/life balance.

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