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Learn how we partner with schools to transform the student experience by improving well-being, engagement, and belonging. 



Research-Based, Equity-Centered Strategies for Enduring Impact

It’s time to prioritize well-being, engagement, and belonging in our schools so students can thrive now and in the future. Learn how we can partner with your school to address:

  • Well-being, stress, and anxiety
  • Sleep and downtime
  • Sense of belonging
  • Centering student voice
  • Pressure around college admissions and standardized tests
  • Assessment and grading
  • Homework and workload
  • Engagement and academic integrity
  • Pedagogy, including project-based and problem-based learning
  • Family expectations and concerns
  • Faculty and staff well-being

“People don’t go to school to learn. They go to get good grades, which brings them to college, which brings them the high paying job, which brings them to happiness, or so they think.”


Do you want a healthier, more engaging school community where students feel an authentic sense of belonging? Are you unsure where to start or how to get buy-in from key stakeholders?

School isn’t a transactional relationship. It’s a transformative relationship.


Join the movement to transform the student experience

Hundreds of our partner schools have faced similar challenges and have created lasting change in their schools by implementing research-based, equity-centered practices.

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New Offering: Leadership Consultation for K-12 School and District Administrators

“I can honestly say that our involvement with Challenge Success exceeded our expectations. Meeting, dialoguing and connecting with like-schools, the student survey, and working with our coach has been the extra support we needed to begin the process of creating a healthier climate for our students, teachers, and parents.”

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SPACE Framework for School Change

Strategies you can implement to create meaningful change at your school.

Homework Paper

Quality vs quantity: Which is more important when it comes to homework? 

Time Management Worksheet

Help your students allocate their time for a healthier work/life balance.

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