Family Survey

Designed to gather perspectives from parents and caretakers to provide schools and the broader community with a rich understanding of their students. 



The Family Survey

The Challenge Success Family Survey is a 20-minute online survey for parents and caretakers of middle and high school students that helps schools understand parents’/caretakers’ perceptions of their students’ experience. Along with our Student Survey and Staff Survey, it provides data and insights that lead to actionable changes designed to improve student well-being and engagement with learning. 

Topics covered in survey

  • Student stress & worry
  • Student sleep
  • Homework load & habits
  • College process
  • Parent/caretaker expectations
  • Family time

What’s included

  • SURVEY: Support administering one online survey
  • DASHBOARD: Interactive, online dashboard of results with executive summary
  • DEBRIEF CALL: Video call with members of our Research or Program teams to debrief results and recommend next steps
  • RESEARCH TEAM OFFICE HOURS: Access to a member of the Research team on Thursdays at 12pm PT for follow-up questions.

Many schools have accessed state, local, and community funding to support this work. Learn more about potential sources of funding here. Challenge Success strives to offer need-based financial assistance in an effort to support schools and organizations with limited resources. We believe that cost should not be a deterrent to accessing quality programs. To apply, please complete this form. All requests will be reviewed by our Executive Director.

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“The survey made me aware that I don’t really know what my son’s feelings and expectations are about college, and now I want to find out.”


“The data we collected really helped us understand better the stresses our students faced and what levers we could pull to help students get beyond ‘doing school’ and become more curious and engaged in their learning.”


Below you’ll find a selection of sample questions from several sections of our Family Survey.


  • On a typical weekday, approximately how much school-assigned homework does your child do after school?
  • How would you rate the amount of homework your child has on a nightly basis?
  • Which of the following norms/rules about homework does your family have? (Please select all that apply.)


  • How many hours of sleep does your child usually get each school night?
  • If your child has a smartphone, how often does your child typically use the phone as an alarm clock on school days to wake up?

Family Rules and Norms

  • Which of the following norms/rules about homework does your family have?
  • From Monday through Friday, how often does your family eat a meal together?
  • Do you or your partner/spouse enforce maintaining a high GPA/getting high grades?
  • How often do you spend time together as a family when all family members who currently live in the home are together?

Want to see more sample questions? Get in touch with our team to discuss survey solutions for your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

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