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Research Shows Our Approach Works in All Types of Schools

Over the last 20 years, our partner schools have learned to apply our research in school settings to improve student well-being, belonging, and engagement with learning. Through our co-design model we have partnered with all types of schools: public, private/independent, religiously-affiliated, charter, magnet, single-gender, boarding, and more. Students and educators who have engaged with Challenge Success show improvement in a number of ways. A few examples of our direct impact include:

School District Case Study

After working with Challenge Success, this district had measurable results. A few examples of our direct impact include:

  • More students at a participating high school have a trusted faculty / staff member they can talk to.
  • Over 86% of high school students and over 82% of middle school students reported having a peer they could go to with a personal problem.
  • High school students are getting more sleep.
  • Homework load is reduced during the week and also on weekends for middle and high school students.

“Every person from Challenge Success that we’ve interacted with – those hosting the professional development seminars, the survey administration and debriefs, our coaching, the conference people – has been excellent. They provide expertise and resources in the areas we’re focusing on improving. We didn’t know Challenge Success would be the weighty influence that they are, but everyone on campus is quoting or referring to Challenge Success now.” 


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