Confirmed: Schools Can Effectively Reduce Student Stress

At Salesian College Preparatory, students and staff were passionate about better meeting the social and emotional needs of their students and reducing unhealthy stress. After joining the Challenge Success School Partnership program, the school now reports:

  • Students feeling less stressed 
  • Deeper engagement with learning
  • Less time spent on homework 
  • Increased academic preparation for the coming school year and fewer students needing summer classes

So how did they do it? During the School Partnership, a Challenge Success coach partnered with Salesian’s multi-stakeholder team – including students, educators, and parents / caregivers – to center the student experience, gather and interpret community-voice data, design research-based, equitable policy and practice changes, and ultimately create community-specific outcomes. 

We are currently signing up schools for the 2024-25 School Partnership and want to hear from you! Whether your community is looking to increase well-being, deepen engagement with learning, or enhance belonging, we would be honored to co-design with you to transform the student experience. Contact us to learn more!

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