To Our Community: We Do Not Consent


Challenge Success stands in solidarity with those in our nation and around the world calling for an end to racial injustice. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, killed while out for a run in Georgia in February, Breonna Taylor, killed in her home in March by Louisville police officers, and George Floyd whose life was taken last week by a police officer in Minneapolis are unjust and unacceptable. These are three Black lives out of countless others in our nation’s history that have ended too soon as a result of racial violence.

We are committed as an organization to do our part to help uproot and rebuild the systems behind these atrocities. As a research-based, educational reform program, we pledge to better educate ourselves so that we may educate others. In our work, and within our SPACE framework, we will make it a priority to actively expand and adapt our own tool kits and strategies to support an equitable and anti-racist school climate — one that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, and calls for culturally sustaining pedagogy. 

Black Lives Matter. We will not remain still, or silent, and as a start, we invite you to join us as we leverage the many anti-racism learning resources that have been compiled by others selflessly fighting for this cause.