Scholarly Abstracts

Abstracts from Peer Reviewed Journals where a Challenge Success member was an author.

A Caring Climate that Promotes Belonging and Engagement
by D. Pope and S. Miles (January 2022), in Phi Delta Kappan, 103 (5), 8-12.

Making Time for Well-Being
by S. Miles, D. Pope, J. Villeneuve, and S. Selby (2022), in ASCD, Volume 79, Number 9.

Easing the Stress at Pressure Cooker Schools
by J. Villeneuve, J. Conner, S. Davidson, and D. Pope (2019, Oct. 28), in Phi Delta Kappan, 101 (3), 15-19.

A Systematic Review of Student Self-Report Instruments That Assess Student-Teacher Relationships
by K. Phillippo, J. Conner, S. Davidson, & D. Pope(2017), in Teachers College Record, 119 (9), 1-42.

Student Engagement in High-Performing Schools: Relationships to Mental and Physical Health
by J. Conner and D. Pope (2014) in D. Shernoff & J Bempechat (Eds.), Engaging Youth in Schools, National Society for the Study of Education Yearbook, 113 (1).

How Many Teachers Does It Take to Support a Student?: Examining the Relationship between Teacher Support and Adverse Health Outcomes in High-Performing, Pressure-Cooker High Schools
by Jerusha O. Conner, Sarah B. Miles, Denise C. Pope (Fall 2014), in The High School Journal, Volume 98, Number 1, 22-42.

Non-academic Effects of Homework in Privileged, High-performing High Schools
by M. K. Galloway, J. Conner, and D. Pope (2013), in The Journal of Experimental Education, 81(4), 490-510.

Why Full Engagement Matters
by J. Conner & D. Pope (April 2013), in Journal of Youth and Adolescence, pp.1-39.

Success with Less Stress
by J. Conner, D. Pope, and M. Galloway (2009), in Educational Leadership, 67(4), 54-47.

Hazardous Homework? The Relationship between homework, goal orientation, and well-being in adolescents
by M. Galloway and D. Pope (2007), in Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice (20)4, 25-31.

Stressed-out students – SOS: Youth perspectives on changing school climates by
M. Galloway, D.C. Pope, and J.Osberg (2007), in International handbook of student experience of elementary and secondary school (D. Thiessen & A. Cook-Sather, Editors). (pp. 611-634). Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Students matter in school reform: Leaving fingerprints and becoming leaders
by J. Osberg, D. Pope, & M.K. Galloway (2006), International Journal of Leadership in Education, 9(4), 329-343.

Help for Stressed-Out Students
by D. Pope and R. Simon (2005), in Educational Leadership, 62(7).

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