School Story: Dover-Sherborn High School

“We noticed an increase in students feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and not able to cope. We had to figure out something better than Band-Aiding the problem.” —Ellen Chagnon, Director of Guidance, Dover-Sherborn High School

Discover how Dover-Sherborn High School, a public high school in Massachusetts, benefited from joining the Challenge Success School Program.

“Stretched our thinking”

“Challenge Success has been part of our district for five years and has stretched our thinking in terms of how we support the social-emotional well-being of students. We have made strides in looking at the quantity and quality of homework, the scheduling of extra-curricular activities, adding free time and downtime to the school day, and worked to educate students, teachers, and parents on how to develop a balanced lifestyle for our overloaded kids.” – Beth McCoy, Assistant Superintendent of Dover-Sherborn Regional Schools 

“Exceeded our expectations”

“I can honestly say that our involvement with Challenge Success exceeded our expectations. Meeting, dialoguing and connecting with like-schools, the student survey and working with our coach has been the extra support we needed to begin the process of creating a healthier climate for our students, teachers, and parents.” – Deputy Superintendent  

“A breath of fresh air”

“The Challenge Success program acted as a breath of fresh air within our extremely narrowly focused school environment. The program helped to build in P.D.F.(play time, downtime, and family time) that every student needs in order to find the necessary balance in their day.”—High School Student

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