Parent Story: A Stronger Family and More Confident Children

After Dr. Pope’s lecture, I made immediate changes in how I viewed my children’s capabilities and overall safety. My sons were 7 & 8 at the time and I allowed them to walk to school alone for the first time the next morning. While I had some trepidation, the boys had none and nonchalantly informed me after school that it was “easy.” The new routine allowed the boys to leave our home without all the “hurry-ups!” I used to shriek trying to get them in the car. It also allowed me to get ready for work in a quiet home. WIN-WIN! Fast forward 8 months and our family moved from NJ to CA and the responsibility I instilled in them last spring has allowed them (and me) to be comfortable walking to school, playing in the schoolyard after school and having an overall sense of confidence in a very new environment. Thank you for your profound words (and just as importantly, giving us real, actionable solutions). It has resulted in my family being stronger and my children more confident. 

Warm Regards, Christina

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