New Semester = your new choice to celebrate the work-in-progress you.

Today’s offering comes from another good friend of Challenge Success, Maria Pascucci. Maria is the founder and president of and author of the award-winning book Campus Calm University: The College Student’s 10-Step Blueprint to Stop Stressing & Create a Happy, Purposeful Life.

Maria, thank you!
The Challenge Success Team

New Semester = your new choice to celebrate the work-in-progress you.

It’s your brand new semester, so celebrate you by daring to take a chance! Spread yourself outside your comfort zone. Learn what it feels like to not always be good at something from the start. Not a hands-on person? Sign up for an art elective. Paint your way toward being a more confident risk taker. Love poetry? Join a debate team. Challenge yourself to see life through a new lens.

If you’ve been neglecting your health every single semester leading up until now, break the pattern. Commit to getting enough sleep this semester even if it means saying “NO” when faced with the temptation to spread yourself too thin. Commit to stressing less and being grateful more. Grateful for the gift of time that college affords you to learn, explore and build supportive relationships on campus that will serve you forever. Because that’s the real secret about success. Ten years after you’ve graduated from college, whether you left with a 4.0 GPA or a 3.4 will not matter, whether you graduated from a public, private, large, small, elite or non-name-brand college will not have made a difference. But ten years past the day you shed your cap and gown, whether you were able to take chances in college, make mistakes and trust that you can develop the courage to be resilient will make all the difference in the world. And every second you spent inside and outside of the classroom will have been worth it.

Live your vision of a happy, purposeful life,

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