Madeline Levine: Kids in the House

Madeline Levine – Challenge Success co-founder, clinical psychologist, and best-selling author – shares bite-sized parenting advice in this series produced by Kids in the House. See all videos here or explore by topic below.

Affluence and Mental Illness

Attendance at your Child’s Games & Events

Avoid the Trap of Giving too Much Praise

Balancing Social Media

Bribing Children

Creating Deep Connections with our Children

Developing Self Regulation

Ending your Child’s Homework Struggles

Family Dinner

Finding the Best Fit for College

Healthy versus Unhealthy Risk taking

How to Help Kids Who Lack Effort

Importance of Play for Young Kids

Juggling it all as a Busy Mom

Letting Kids Make Mistakes

Monitoring What Kids See on Screen

Overdoing Extracurricular Activities

Parenting Artistic Children

Raising Healthy Happy Kids

Raising Self Directed Kids

Sports and Stress

The Meaning of Authentic Success

The Price of Privilege

The Process of Teen Separation

Tips for Overly Protective parents

What Science says about the Benefits of Homework

What to do When your Child Forgets his Homework at Home

When to Increase your Child’s Privileges

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