Examples of Time Management Tools

Overload is a key source of stress according to the students we have surveyed. Here are some of the tools that our partner schools have developed to help students select courses and determine extracurricular activities for the year that allow them to maintain a healthy balance of PDF (Playtime, Downtime, and Family time) along with their other commitments.

Note that each of these tools requires that the school provides an estimate of the hours of homework a student can expect from each course.

If you’re interested in talking with the schools that developed these tools to learn more, contact our School Program team.

Time Budget Planner – An interactive, online tool developed by students at Folsom High School

Time Management Form – A downloadable worksheet created by Westlake High School

Course Rigor Scale – Estimate of hours of homework by course from Menlo-Atherton High School

Time Management Worksheet – Tool developed by Challenge Success that schools can use or adapt as needed

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