Beyond “Doing School”: From “Stressed-out” to “Engaged in Learning”

by Denise Pope

“The effect of society’s high expectations and pressures on my generation is scary. Kids are depressed, anxious,
sleep deprived, and in some cases suicidal. They respond to stress by drinking to excess, using drugs, cutting
themselves, and throwing up their food. Even the kids with the best grades engage in this kind of unhealthy
behavior. They cheat and copy homework because thinking for oneself requires too much time and effort.
Character, passion, integrity, creativity, and genuineness have slipped right through my generation’s fingers.”

Explore Challenge Success’s beginnings and early years in this piece by Denise Pope where she explores foundational elements of our school change framework: a healthier schedule, a climate of care, and a focus on mastery and the “big picture.”

Read full article published in 2010 in Education Canada.

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