Learn what to expect during this year-long partnership.


The stewards of the change process

Welcome to your school’s Challenge Success Team. Over the course of the upcoming school year, you and your team will serve as stewards of the change process, spearheading the effort to make your school a healthier, more engaging environment for students.

Your team will collaborate with a designated Challenge Success coach to collect data about the student experience, garner buy-in from your community, and pilot changes to school policies and practices. The ten members of your team will represent a cross-section of stakeholder perspectives, drawing from the admin, faculty, parent and student communities. This helps ensure that ideas your team generates will meet the diverse needs of your school.

Thank you for being a part of this important work.


Team members hold several important roles

REPRESENT the opinions and perspectives of your community

COMMUNICATE the goals/activities/learnings of your CS team to others in your community

PARTICIPATE in activities to collect data and pilot initiatives throughout the community

MODEL practices that support well-being and engagement to inspire others in the community

Additionally, team members are expected to join their team at the live Fall Conference and virtual Spring Conference, as well as attend monthly team meetings. Most team members spend about 2 hours each month fulfilling their team duties. Some months may required more time so that team members can execute various tasks, including running a focus group, meeting with a PTO, or writing copy for a website about the state of your Challenge Success work.


What to do now that you’ve joined the team

Complete the Individual Media Release form

Coordinate travel to the Fall Conference with the rest of your Challenge Success team.

Learn more about Challenge Success’s approach by exploring School Program FAQ, research, and resources.