Looking to reduce student stress? Start by taking control of time.

Recently the team at Challenge Success was thrilled to learn that two students, Sid Khillon and Niket Patel from Folsom High School, had taken our time management worksheet and expanded it into a fully interactive web-tool. We love that Challenge Success students were the ones to take this idea to the next level as the time planner itself was an adaptation of a similar tool created by another one of our partner schools, Miramonte High School. Folsom High School has been successfully using Sid and Niket’s Time Budget Planner for two years now to better consider the time implications of their classes and extracurricular commitments.

We are excited to share Sid and Niket’s Time Budget Planner with the larger educational community. They designed their version of the tool to enable students to quantify their schedules and see how much time they actually spend (or should spend) on extracurriculars, unstructured time, and sleep and how that relates to the amount of time they can devote to classwork. We see their tool as additionally useful now when lines between homework and classwork are often blurred and extracurricular opportunities and expectations are in continual flux.

Interested but not sure where to start?

For students looking to assess your use of time, we’ve created a one-page Student Guide to help you work through the Time Budget Planner.

For schools interested in using this tool with your students as part of a well-being campaign or as a part of the next year’s scheduling process, feel free to reach out to the program team at Challenge Success and we can connect with you on approaches you might consider as well as how to have your school data built into the tool by Sid and Niket.

For parents hoping to help their child(ren) get a handle on their time, consider completing the Time Budget Planner together. This can be a great way for you all to reconnect to your values as well as reexamine your family use of time in a more focused and structured way.

Drew Schrader is a School Program Manager at Challenge Success. He works to help educators across a wide range of contexts redesign their systems around deeper learning for all students with a particular focus on project-based learning and authentic assessment. Prior to working at Challenge Success, he served as the Director of Assessment and a School Development Coach for New Tech Network.