Wednesday, May 10th, 2023
4:00pm – 5:15pm PT | 7:00pm – 8:15pm ET

Do you want the youth in your community to be healthier and more engaged, but are unsure where to start? This workshop examines the tension that families, students, and educators often experience over issues such as workload, grades, academic integrity, and engagement, and offers tools for creating healthier climates at school and at home. 

Our research shows that far too many students are struggling with their well-being, experience a lack of belonging and engagement with learning, and are overwhelmed by constant pressure in and out of school. Instead of figuring out who they are and what they care about, students (and their families) are often consumed by external pressures such as assessments, test scores, extracurriculars, family obligations, college admissions, and future careers, putting their well-being at risk. 

Real, lasting change requires the whole school community — educators, families, and students — to both identify challenges and drive solutions. This workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of what children and adolescents are experiencing at school and home and you will leave ready to take action with a set of research-based, equity-centered strategies to reduce pressure and stress for the youth in your community.

A recording of the event will be sent to all registrants on May 11th.

If the cost of attending this workshop is a barrier, please reach out about our financial assistance.

Who should attend

Educators, Parents/Caregivers, Administrators, Counselors of 3rd-12th grade students


Virtual / Online


$29 per person


Denise Pope, Ph.D.

Denise Pope, Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. She is the author of, “Doing School”: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students (Yale University Press, 2001), which was awarded Notable Book in Education by the American School Board Journal, 2001, and co-author of Overloaded and Underprepared: Strategies for Stronger Schools and Healthy, Successful Kids (Jossey-Bass, 2015). Dr. Pope lectures nationally on parenting techniques and pedagogical strategies to increase student health, engagement with learning, and integrity. She is a three-time recipient of the Stanford University School of Education Outstanding Teacher and Mentor Award and was honored with the 2012 Education Professor of the Year “Educators’ Voice Award” from the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences. Prior to teaching at Stanford, Dr. Pope taught high school English in Fremont, CA and college composition and rhetoric courses at Santa Clara University. She lives in Los Altos, CA with her husband and three children.

Margaret Dunlap, M.A.

Margaret Dunlap, M.A., is a Senior School Design Partner. She oversees the operation of the School Program, providing coordination, resources, and management to Challenge Success schools on the West Coast. Additionally, she plans the bi-annual Challenge Success school conferences and supports coaches and school site teams to promote best practices and policy reform. She has extensive experience in professional development, supervision, evaluation, and intensive coaching for teacher leaders, coaches, and novice teachers. Margaret has held various roles in education leadership and program management within public and private education for over 20 years.