How can parents best support the personal and academic needs of their children while also attending to their own professional and familial needs? In this presentation, caregivers will learn how they can establish a healthier home environment for their school-aged child, reduce academic stress without sacrificing achievement, and increase their child’s resilience, creativity, and well-being.



Grade Level

Can be tailored to
Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, or
High School


In-Person Live* – $2500
Virtual Live – $1700

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore research-based, family well-being strategies for times of stress
  2. Build a manageable priority list, using strategies that are aligned with your family’s values and definition of success
  3. Learn concrete tools for interacting with those who support your child’s learning when the learning situation needs to change

“We have received a flood of gratitude and feedback on your talk, specifically on the granular and concrete suggestions you provided our parents. We deeply appreciate all of the preparation you did to customize the talk and truly value our continued engagement with Challenge Success.”


*Plus additional T&E expenses.
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