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Our Book: Overloaded & Underprepared

Best practices and case studies based on our work with schools since 2003.

Research & Articles

Scholarly Abstracts

Collection of published articles based on research by Denise Pope and Challenge Success.

Research & Articles

Making Time for Well-Being through School Schedule

How to use the school schedule to support greater connection and balance.

Research & Articles

OPINION: We can add ChatGPT to the latest list of concerns about student cheating, but let’s go deeper

by Denise Pope and Drew Schrader

Research & Articles

Keys to Meaningful Learning, Engagement, & Well-Being

Practical strategies that schools can implement to support healthy and engaged students of all ages.

Research & Articles

Beyond “Doing School”: From “Stressed-out” to “Engaged in Learning”

by Denise Pope “The effect of society’s high

Research & Articles

My View: Cheat or Be Cheated?

Strategies for parents to help reduce academic dishonesty.

Research & Articles

The Right Way to Choose a College

What students do at college matters much more than where they go.

Research & Articles

How to Help Ease the Stress of High-Achievers in Your Life

Three practical tips for parents to help teens get the playtime, downtime, and family time they need to lead healthy, balanced lives.

Research & Articles

7 Approaches to Alternative Assessments

Various approaches to alternative assessments

Research & Articles

A Caring Climate That Promotes Belonging and Engagement

The same educator behaviors and strategies that are highly effective for improving student engagement also help create more caring and inclusive communities where students feel they belong.

Research & Articles

Making Homework Work

Research-based strategies for educators to support effective homework practices.

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