Why It Matters

Why It's ImportantIn a world that is changing at break-neck speed, a global economy that has erased traditional national boundaries, and planet -threatening problems like global warming, we need to be raising and educating our children with a different set of skills that will allow them to thrive in these dynamic times.  We continually hear from the business community that our kids lack the skills most likely to be valued in the new economy- creativity, adaptability, critical thinking, and the ability to collaborate and communicate. 

Our current hyper-focus on grades, individual achievement and rote answers gets in the way of healthy emotional development and a real love of learning, and it prevents students from acquiring the exact skills that the new global economy demands. In times of uncertainty, kids need to be resilient, but we’ve knocked the resilience out of far too many kids with excessive demands and preoccupations with trivial concerns.  We worry more about a grade than about a good night’s sleep. We forget the proven value of play,  of time for exploration and reflection, and of meaningful contribution. Academically inclined kids end up feeling only as good as their last performance.  Kids with strengths in other areas end up feeling marginalized and undervalued. 

With over 1.2 million students dropping out of high school, 20-25 percent experiencing depression, and 95 percent admitting to cheating, we know that parents and schools are looking for a change. Challenge Success can help schools and families raise children who are good people, who are truly engaged with learning and who are comfortable in their own skins. These kids are more likely to be the healthy, resourceful, thriving adults who can positively impact our world.